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Austin, TX

Tay Hall (b. 1998, Houston, TX) is a photography and multimedia artist based in Austin, Texas. After about 8 years of artistic portraiture, their recent work exploring the realm of stereoscopy centers spatial ties and quotidian events as inspiration. They enjoy the intimate and immersive nature of stereoscopic viewing as a way to tell stories of the everyday.

At the moment, this site features mostly photography.  They are in the process of preparing the display of work in other mediums. Thanks for visiting.



I've been doing freelance photography services in the Houston and Austin areas for almost a decade. I am currently based in Austin, and I warmly welcome any potential clients to contact me about their photo needs. I value imagination and collaboration, putting thought and time into creating a shoot that achieves a shared vision. I also understand being in front of a camera is a different experience for everyone, so I am sensitive to the needs of clients and strive to lead photoshoots in a supportive and communicative way. 

My photography services include access to an online proof gallery, retouched images and artistic editing. Please contact me for specifics and pricing details. It is important to me that my services are affordable and  accessible, so I am also open to considering flexible payment options including trades and services of comparable value. Just message me through the contact tab, and we can work out the details!



A La Moda Zinephotography [Issue No. 5: Esoteric] [Issue No. 6: Sonder]

Hazey Zine with Fifth Wheel Pressphotography [v2]

Audacity Zinephotography  [Issue 4] [Issue 6a] [Issue 6b] [Issue 8]

Spark Magazinephotography [No. 7] [No. 8] [No. 9a] [No. 9b]

ORANGE Magazinephotography [Fall'18] [Sp'19]


Hot Wheels @ Museum of Human Achievement in Austin, TX - Summer 2023

Stere-odes @ Tay Hall Studio home gallery in Austin, TX - Summer 2023

Mix N' Mash @ Mexic-arte Museum in Austin, TX - Spring 2023

Ether @ 2324 Studios in Austin, TX - Spring 2023

HOC Art Show @ House of Commons in Austin, TX - Spring 2020
photography display , vocal performance, tap dance improv

HOC Open Mic @ House of Commons in Austin, TX - Spring 2019
photography display, vocal performance

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