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Hot Wheels  @ Museum of Human Achievement

July 2023

Stereoscopy + Auto-Interior collaboration with Carolina Ocada for a show centering Hot Wheels as inspiration.

In the masculine realm of automobiles, Carolina finds radical joy & release exploring hyper-femininity through designing and accessorizing her car's interior. I captured a step inside her ride with stereoscopic photography and a special stereocard design. 

Stereocards from Reto3D Camera  

Summer 2023

These stereocards document my day to day activities and surroundings and are artifacts of the ties I develop to quotidian things. This set is from my first 'tester' roll with  a Reto3D, a basic stereo film camera that allows me to capture multiple images from slightly different angles simultaneously.

You can learn more about Stereoscopy and see more examples of my work here


May 2023

I hosted a home gallery showcase to share my stereoscopy work thus far. There were multiple  displays grouped by location and an accompanying zine for guests to take home.

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What About Good Word Soup @ Mexic-arte Museum


I made this mixed media piece for Mexic-arte Museum's annual show, Mix n' Mash, which features works from over 200 local Austin artists. This year's theme was 'Alimento para el alma' or 'Food for the Soul'. Inspired by the youthful joy of alphabet soup and my current interest in lenticular printing, I presented a quote by Molière that places substance over eloquence. 

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