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We view the world in stereo. What if you could step into a moment in time?

I fell in love with stereoscopic photography after being gifted an antique stereoscope. Popularized in the 19th century to simulate global travel and mesmerizing storytelling, stereoscopy was one of the first technologies to immerse viewers into a three-dimensional scene and a precursor to 3D technology that is commonplace today. This history informs my approach as I explore storytelling through spatial ties and the unique interpretations that can come from merging two images into one. My goal is to build out a broad collection of stereoscope cards that holds many stories and investigates the medium. 

The following sets are selected as different examples of my work.

Of course, all the images displayed are best seen through a stereoscope viewer.

Hemphill Park



evidence of a humdrum,  the devotion formed to mundanity

Lexington, KY

my nana & papa's backyard, there's a forest of old grown up christmas trees that my papa used to sell, the last time I visited some of them had fallen down and reminded me how time had passed

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